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Software Projects

This program tries to detect the type of a CD/DVD without mounting it. It detects audio, ISO, VCD, SVCD and Video-DVD.

Version 2.1

NEW in version 2.1:

Hardware Projects

Here're some informations on hardware projects I'm (more or less) working on.

Towitoko, now named Tx Systems builds a whole series of cheap (?) Smartcard terminals. SCM Microsystems seem to build the same/compatible devices.
In any case, the Linux-Support is practically nonexistent. So I made some traces and came up with this little C-library to interface the products.
It's not perfect yet. Please don't redistribute this, the latest version is always here.
Version 0.4

I'm currently writing some software to access the octal serial relay-board available from Conrad Electronic (order #967720).
Here's version 0.2.
This is the first time I used autoconf/automake so I'm sure I didn't do The Right Thing(tm). If you know how to do this, tell me...
Send bug reports and/or patches to bodo@bellut.net.

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