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"Secret" CreatorIDs

CreatorID Saved/Unsaved Application URL Reported by
Dat13 saved CheckList V1    
ps_c2, 3 saved CheckList V2   David Kafrissen
Thes saved Thesaurus http://www.ddhsoftware.com/ David Kafrissen
AhoP3 saved Planetarium http://www.aho.ch/ David Kafrissen
GSMk1 both GSMtool    
CESW saved DateBk3 http://www.PimlicoSoftware.com/  
CESE saved DateBk4 http://www.PimlicoSoftware.com/  
PATI   Patience   Eddie Butcher
reve1, 2   Reversi   Eddie Butcher
qbty1, 2   QuickBits http://www.2bitsoftware.com/ Steven Shelikoff (news)
qbtb1, 2   QuickBits http://www.2bitsoftware.com/ Steven Shelikoff (news)
Qcwb saved Eudora Mail 2.1   Gunther Schmidt
SLEB3 saved SlovoEd 4.11 http://www.penreader.com/PalmOS/SlovoEd/ Gunther Schmidt
STRT saved Stowaway Keyboard Driver 1.6   Gunther Schmidt
rall2 saved PilotInstall selfdisplaying picture http://pinstall.envicon.de/e/pinstall/pinstall.html Gunther Schmidt
msOP saved QuickAction 1.1 http://www.megasoft2000.com/ Gunther Schmidt
SLmu3   PrefMngr   Wolfhard Willker
ps_a2, 3   PocketMoney 2.7 engl.   Wolfhard Willker
2Shp unsaved HandyShopper2   Alexander Fischer
McPg saved McPhling   Alexander Fischer
OpCl both EasyCalc   Alexander Fischer
lbPG3 unsaved Progect   Alexander Fischer
MJyf both Yanoff   Alexander Fischer
Edra3 both Eudora   Alexander Fischer
GPIm1 saved Weasel Reader   Alexander Fischer
CrPd saved CryptoPad 3.x   Alexander Fischer
Jmje3 saved HappyDays   Alexander Fischer

1 All CreatorIDs must be registered with 3com/Palm Inc. There's a database with all registered CreatorIDs. This ID isn't registered.
2 CreatorIDs with all lower case characters are reserved for use by 3com/Palm Inc.
3 CreatorIDs can be registered as confidential with 3com/Palm Inc. or as public. This ID has been registered as confidential, i.e. without application name and description.

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